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If you want to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, web hosting is the essential and primary investment you have to do. Usually a cheapest and reliable web hosting provider cost you from $1/month to $5/month.

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As a beginner, it is very difficult to identify which web hosting provider is best and whose renewable cost is less. In this article, I have compared web hosting renewal prices of top web hosting companies.

In web hosting industry, there are two different prices that you need to know – the offer price and renewal price.

The offer price is also known as the initial price, the discounted price, the promotional price or the sale price.

The renewal price is known as the regular price, or the normal price.

If you are planning to signup for any web host, we highly recommend you to check their renewable prices to avoid future surprises. You can refer this article to see the different renewable prices of top web hosting providers. Even you can get up to 90% Massive Discount with our exclusive discount link.

1) BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost offers special discount for our readers

BlueHost Regular/Renewal Price Promotional Price Total Savings
12 Months $95.88 ($7.99 per month) $71.40 ($5.95 per month) $24.48
24 Months $191.76 ($7.99 per month) $118.80 ($4.95 per month) $72.96
36 Months $287.64 ($7.99 per month) $142.20 ($3.95 per month) $145.44

How to Save on Web Hosting Renewals Prices?

We have identified three different ways to save money on web hosting renewals. These methods or tricks are not limited to WordPress hosting, you can apply these tricks on any web hosting renewals.

1) Buy Web Hosting for Longer Periods:

This is the simplest and effective way to save huge money on web hosting renewals. Whenever you buy a hosting package for reliable hosting provider, don’t buy just for 12 or 24 months, go for 36 or 60 months.

Let’s take an example:

You want to buy a basic hosting plan with BlueHost web hosting provider which is highly recommended by It will cost you 3.95 * 36 months = $142.20 for 36 months.

Now let’s assume that you have purchased a web hosting package for 12 months and renewed for 24 months. It will cost you (3.95 * 12) + (7.99 * 24) = $239.16 for 36 months.

Here yo can see the difference between buying a hosting package for longer period and shorter period. This will cost you $239.16 – $142.20 = $96.96 more with shorter duration.

This is really a big amount. You can utilize this amount anywhere else to grow your website traffic.

2) Ask Your Web Hosting Provider for a Discount:

If you had bought a hosting package for 3 years and now it’s going to expire, ask your service provider for a better discount on Web Hosting Renewals.

I have tried this trick many times and every-time I got decent discount on web hosting renewals.

3) Migrate your Web Hosting to New Service Provider:

If your hosting provider is not able to offer you a discount, you can migrate your web hosting to new hosting provider. By this way you will save huge money on web hosting renewals.

Whenever you are migrating your web hosting, just go for maximum duration with new hosting provider.


These were some of the best tricks to save money on Web Hosting Renewals. I have used first and second tricks to save cost.

Initially I bought a hosting package for 36 months then I always ask for a better discount for 24 months. Whenever you ask for a discount, ask them for 24 or 36 months.

For a longer period, they can offer you best deals and discount coupon codes.

Which tricks you have followed for renewing your web hosting package, do write in comment section.

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