How to Point GoDaddy Domain to BlueHost? (2021 Guide)

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If you have bought your domain name with GoDaddy and web hosting with BlueHost, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will help you to easily point your GoDaddy domain to BlueHost web hosting.

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To connect your GoDaddy domain name to BlueHost, you need to change your GoDaddy Nameservers to BlueHost Nameservers and you are done!

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial to connect your domain name from GoDaddy to BlueHost hosting.

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Step by Step Tutorial to Point GoDaddy Domain to BlueHost

STEP-1: Click here to Visit GoDaddy website and “Sign In” to your GoDaddy account. Now click on “My Products” to see the list of registered domain names in your GoDaddy account.

GoDaddy Domain DNS Management

STEP-2: Click “DNS” at the right side of your GoDaddy domain name which you would like to connect to BlueHost. This will open GoDaddy DNS management page. Scroll down and click on “Change” under Nameservers.

GoDaddy DNS Management

STEP-3: Enter your updated BlueHost Nameservers information in the space provided under Custom Nameservers. Click on “Save” to update BlueHost nameservers in your GoDaddy domain account. Your entries should look like this:

Point GoDaddy Domain to BlueHost

Congratulation! You have successfully updated GoDaddy Nameservers to BlueHost Nameservers. Sometimes it may take 10 to 15 minutes to reflect the changes in your GoDaddy account.

After changing the Nameservers at GoDaddy account, you need to assign this domain name to your BlueHost and install WordPress to launch your website.

To point your domain from GoDaddy to BlueHost, you need to perform some settings at your BlueHost hosting account. Checkout the below steps to point domain to BlueHost.

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STEP-4: “Log In” to your BlueHost Control Panel.

STEP-5: Click on “Assign” under Domains tab and choose an option to assign a new domain to your account.

Note: In the above step-3, we have already updated BlueHost Nameservers at GoDaddy, so your domain ownership will be automatically verified.

STEP-6: Now click on “Addon Domain”. Addon domain name feature lets you create a new website on BlueHost which is separate from your primary domain.

STEP-7: In the last step, create a folder in your BlueHost account where your domain will point to. Now click on “Assign this Domain” to finish the process. That’s it!

Congratulations! you have successfully point your GoDaddy domain to BlueHost.

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Conclusion: Pointing Domain from GoDaddy to BlueHost

It’s very easy to point your domain from GoDaddy to BlueHost. The only thing you need to do is to follow our step-by-step guide of pointing domain name from GoDaddy to BlueHost.

If you are still having difficulty in connecting GoDaddy domain name with BlueHost, do write in comment section. We will help you to resolve this issue. If you have already pointed your GoDaddy domain to BlueHost, share your experience with other readers too.

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